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The IMS is a customisable Intranet that will increase the efficiency and control you have of your business. 


The intranet is split into five different modules, making for easy navigation and increased efficiency and caters for all aspects of your business

Document Management

The Doc Management module contains all documents relating to running your business and current work projects in one place.

This module contains the following features to make for an efficient and effective record of all your essential documents:

  • Document Search

  • Document Number Generator

  • Document Register

  • Maintain Document Codes

  • Site Daily Reports

  • General Forms

  • Site Access Permits

HR & Compliance

The HR and Compliance module is the key to managing all your HR records and HSQE documents in a clear and easy to navigate space. 

In this module you are able to search:

  • Personnel Records

  • Skills Look Up

  • Set Live Utility

  • HSQE Document Register

  • Action Register

  • Training

  • Filter Flags

  • News and Alerts

  • Renew Password

Job Management

The Job Management module is where all your information and records relating to current and past jobs is located.

This module contains the following information and options:

  • Business Contacts


  • Add Sales Enquiry

  • List Sales Enquiry

  • List Sale Orders

  • List Final Accounts

  • Vehicles

  • Report Viewer

  • Sales Invoice Reconcile

  • Field Task Edit

  • MM (Site Instructions)

  • Labour Assign

  • Site Pack

  • Client Access

  • Snag

  • Station On/Off

Material Management

The Material Management module is where assets and purchase orders can be managed.

In this module you will find:

  • Consumables

  • Installed Equipment

  • Tools and Plant

  • Add New Purchase Order

  • List Orders

  • List Awaiting Payment

  • Purchase Invoice Reconcile

  • PO Report Viewer

  • Approved Supplier List

Time Management

The Time Management module is an easy way to log holidays, enter time sheets and see reports of these.

This module allows you to view and enter the following:

  • Holiday Calendar

  • Holiday Default Setup

  • Enter Time Sheets

  • View Site Logs

  • Log List Week/Person

  • Log List Work Order/Person

  • Admin Time Sheet Entry

  • Set Pay Rates

  • Reports, WTD

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