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'Being unable to carry all your site documentation and tools to site in one trip will become a thing of the past when using our tablet'


The Spider App for Android Tablet enables you to have all the necessary up-to-date documentation you need in one place - on your tablet. 


The front screen of the tablet displays various buttons which allow you to navigate around your tablet. On your tablet you are able to view:


  • Project Documentation

  • Daily Reports - which you can read, create and edit

  • Progress/Tasks

  • Messages

  • Tools and Equipment - which can be tracked at all times

  • Labour assigned

  • Consumables

  • Installed Equipment 

  • Sabre Records

  • Snags logged


Not only does the tablet address the ever increasing requirement for up-to-date documentation on site it is also an easy way to manage your work. The system has many different features that are all centralised on your tablet. Your tablet does many things including allowing you to log on and off site easily by using either scanning your ID card or from a list, create and edit daily reports, assign and keep track of tools assigned to the job and just as easily request additional materials or tools - in just a few clicks. 

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